Shawn Burnett, Founder and Director, Walks of ART,

Shawn Walks of ART selfCurrently enrolled at Coppin State University for Non-Profit Leadership and member of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, Shawn is a philanthropist of the arts, with hopes of empowering our local youth and young adults with a sense of self expression and individualism. Shawn would like to make Baltimore known for more than ‘The Wire’ and its history of high rates of violence. He believes that Baltimore  has a vast market of youths who have tremendous gifts and talents that we could uplift our city with, but they have limited platforms to hone them. Being a product of such limitations and not having the resources to properly educate or express his self freely,  Shawn believes that, that fate should no longer continue to haunt those who have strong passions to explore the world outside of their circumstances, thus the idea for “Walks of ART.” An initiative to introduce and build upon the creativeness and imagination of the youth of Baltimore . “A place where one can explore and  express their true selves.”


Tearra High, Co-Founder and Secretary, Walks of ART,

 A graduate from The Community College of Baltimore County with her A.A. in Business Administration and currently working on her undergraduate degree from The University of Baltimore in Communications, Tearra always had the desire to help others reach their highest potential. Tearra,Founder of PREA LLC, believes that Public Relations, Events, Advertising, should have great non-traditional creativity, but bring quality marketing solutions, strategic development, to every project. Partnering up with founder of Walks of Art (Shawn Burnett), Tearra thought it was imperative to help youth with talent and artistic abilities, develop their self-esteem, individualism, and self-expression. “Everyone has a voice and needs to be heard, whether it is through print advertising, social media, art, spoken word, fashion, and or television.”

Taavon Bazemore, Vice-President, Walks of ART,

 A  graduate of Coppin State University with a B.A in Social Work, currently enrolled at Morgan State University for his graduate degree in Social Work, Taavon is an advocate for youth and community. He has served as Assistant Director at Fitness, Fun and Games,Fitness Fun & Games is a non-profit organization established to provide quality programs for children, ages 2 to 18 in urban communities, as well as working for the Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore, Taavon has extensive experience with direct influence in the lives of youth.



Peter Bruun, President, Walks of ART,

 Peter Bruun has been an artist who for more than twenty-five years has based all his work on self-portraiture. Over the past decade, Bruun has combined  paintings he makes with works and words of community members. Major community-based projects have included “Conversation Piece” (Rosenberg Gallery,  Goucher College, 2000), “Wallpaper” (School 33 Art Center, 2000), “Being Seen 1-2-3” (Creative Alliance, 2001), “Anonymous Requiem” (Villa Julie Gallery,  2002), and “Music, Art, and Beautiful Things” (Evergreen Museum, 2004). For the six years, Bruun served as Founding Artist/Director of Art on Purpose, an  organization dedicated to art workshops, exhibitions, and programs in support of education, social justice, and community service. Over the years, Bruun has  been an educator, a visiting artist on behalf of the State Department to Amman Jordan as part of the Arts-in-Embassies Program, has curated numerous  exhibitions, and served on a variety of boards and advisory groups.


 Jaclynn Cross, Treasurer, Walks of ART,

 A graduate of Gettysburg College, Jaclynn’s owner’s desire to open the eyes of brands, companies and individual consumers to the beauty of non-conformity through the creation and maintenance of classic and timeless brand management facilitated the establishment of Luvher Style Imaging and Public Relations. Her tireless and hands on efforts to ensure her clients are properly represented through various creative mediums gives her a cutting edge in providing impeccable professional and quality service. Luvher Style offers the fusion of art, fashion and music through electronic and social media to provide a coherent image representative of one’s personal tastes and lifestyle through personal styling and public relations makeovers.
“My goal with Luvher Style is to create a subculture not entirely dependent upon runway trends, but that celebrates contrast, embraces elegance, and encourages individual style.”

Phallon Perry, Board Member, Walks of ART,

While attending the Baltimore School for the Arts for Theatre Production, Phallon decided to hone in on her love for writing. In 2003 she was 1 of 5 students accepted worldwide into the Spoleto Study Abroad program for Creative Writing in Spoleto, Italy. That experience fueled her passion for writing and desire to learn about other cultures and led her to pursue a Bachelor’s of Arts in English (Creative Writing) and International Studies. After graduating from Indiana University in 2008 she had the opportunity to work under author T.Syles as the Manager of Operations of Cartel Publications. That position opened many doors and paved the way for her current positions as Coordinator and Lead Creative Writing instructor with Young Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, and FieldScope Budget Specialist with National Geographic. Recently Phallon was admitted into Northwestern University’s Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing in Chicago, IL. She plans to use her work experiences and educational background to start an Art Therapy rehabilitation program to assist women and children who may have suffered from traumatic physical and emotional abuse.

Monique Burnett, Board Member, Walks of ART,

Monique Burnett holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Health Policy. Monique is a compliance specialist for the LifeBridgeHealth organization, where she serves as a liaison and educator to healthcare provider’s mitigating organizational risk and identifying opportunity for optimization of revenue and processes. Her expertise is training facilitation, healthcare regulation and research. As adjunct faculty at The American Career Institute she is committed to helping youth and young adults recognize and cultivate their individual talents and identity. Monique works daily with youth in an academic environment helping them to expand their vision and foster growth potential.

Monique clearly understands and embodies the quote by former First Lady Barbara Bush “Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life’s blood. But everyone has something to give.” It is our human responsibility and the cost of our existence”

Fanon Hill, Board Member, Walks of ART,

A musician, community organizer and youth development practitioner, Fanon Hill is responsible for all aspects of community engagement, with a particular interest in mobilizing youth, artists and other agents of cultural change as catalytic leaders for the project.

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